Compare Editions

Here is a list of just some of the features Shopping Cart .Net Offers. Both editions are free with the download.
Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Unlimited products X X
Unlimited product images X X
Custom attributes X X
Custom variables X X
Product Tags X X
Product Inventory X X
Featured products X X
Related products X X
Unlimited categories X X
Sale price X X
Public Gift Registries X X
Private Gift Registries X X
Previously Viewed products X X
Product Reviews X X
Breadcrumb navigation X X
Downloadable products X X
Subscription products X
Setup fees X
Discounts and coupons X X
Save my Cart X X
Email my Cart X X
Quick single page Checkout X X
Printable Receipts X X
Auto account creation X X
My account panel for customers X X
Past orders view X X
Localization X
Complete store Admin X X
Google Checkout X X
PayPal Checkout X X Checkout X X
Auto SEO features X X
Advanced SEO features X
Google Analytics X
News archive X
Custom CMS Pages X
Configurable menus X
Social Menu X
Pluggable styles and themes X
Default built in themes X
Installation Support X
Development support X
Free Download X X